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Koko Simulation Communicator

A Technology for Real Time Visualization, Monitoring, and Presenting Simulation Results over the Internet


A Java Graphic Client

* Visualize and monitor multiple reservoir simulation runs in real time over the internet for fast and easy analysis of process mechanisms
* Connect to PBS qsub jobs any time for real time visualization and monitoring
* Present simulation results to other remote clients
* Useful for training, users support, and team meeting
* Run on most operating systems: Window, Linux, or Mac

A General Purpose Reservoir Simulator

* Simulate primary depletion, conventional water floods, immiscible gas injection of black oils, condensate, volatile oils, miscible gas cycling, and hot water and steam injection processes
* Serve clients' requests to transmit data or affect simulation courses

A Network Communicator

* Facilitate network communication between a visualization tool and a reservoir simulator

A Linear Equation Solver

* A scalar iterative equation solver for matrices with 7-point stencil with irregular connections due to faults and pinchouts
* Efficient in computation and memory utilization

Individual Feature Can be Integrated with Third Party's Software